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Established 1960. Wholesaler Importers of musical instruments and products.

Present day: Musical Merchandisers Office Warehouse located in Brookvale, NSW, Australia.

Musical Merchandisers is one of the leading and longest-standing family-owned and run musical instrument wholesalers in the country.

From humble beginnings selling Pianola Rolls door-to-door in the 1920’s to the opening of one of Sydney’s very first retail shops in Wilson’s Capitol Music Store in 1931, the Wilson family has been instrumental (no pun) in shaping the trajectory of music in Australia. Wilson’s Record Bar was opened in 1951 and later in 1960 the establishment of Musical Merchandisers which continues prosper this day. The Wilson family is now into its 4th generation of supplying musical instruments in Australia.

Our business has diversified greatly over the years but our passion for the music industry remains the same.


We currently hold exclusive distribution of many industry-leading brands such as:

• JUPITER (Woodwind and Brass)

• MAJESTIC (Concert Percussion)

• WASHBURN (Guitars)

• METERS MUSIC (Headphones)

• NOMAD (Stands) + many more.

All our products are sourced from reliable factories and cater to the needs of students and professional musicians alike.

Our brands can be found at music shops nationwide (find a retailer near you)  


Major sponsors of ‘NSW School Band Festival’ for 10 years as Jupiter (brass and wind).

Understanding that music education and the student market is the grassroots of our industry, we are strongly dedicated to the growth of music in Australia. Our goal is to continue to get the best instruments available into the hands of students and schools.

Musical Merchandisers has been involved with music initiatives and programs in schools and communities for many decades. For 10 years as major sponsors of the NSW School Band Festival which sees over 10,000 school students performing with more than 350 bands in a non-competitive environment.

A happy classroom of students receiving our instruments! We work with closely organisations such as Rural Aid to support schools in need.

 We also work closely with charities and organisations to support music programs and initiatives in rural and disadvantaged communities.


Where it all started ... Bondi Beach 1920's

Eddy ‘Bump’ Wilson was a professional violinist who played at silent movies and with orchestras across Sydney. During the day he sold new and used Pianola Rolls door-to-door in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.  His wife, Mary Wilson ran a repair shop for Pianola Rolls out of their family home.

Paddys Market (Sydney) in the mid 1920’s. ‘Bump’ Wilson opened a stall to accomodate the growing Pianola Roll sales and repair business.

Wilson’s Capitol Music Store (WCMS) retail premises was opened in 1931. It was one Sydney’s first full service music shops. Later, this business would evolve into today’s wholesale company, Musical Merchandisers in 1960.

(Mid 1950’s) Nat King Cole pictured with Musical Merchandisers founder Jack Wilson, who also opened up one of Sydney’s first record shops named ‘Wilson’s Record Bar’ in 1951.

Louis ‘Satchmo’ Armstrong talking with WCMS ‘Wilson’s Capitol Music Store’ staff at an industry event in Sydney in the early 1960’s. Both retail shops would merge in 1955 and remain open until 1973 when Graeme Wilson would join with his father Jack to focus all efforts on the rapidily growing importing business, Musical Merchandisers.

Head staff of Musical Merchandisers today:  Graeme Wilson (left), Craig Wilson (2nd right), George Henderson (right) pictured with Nic Jeffries (Jupiter Artist).


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